What is VCubate?

VCubate is a Las Vegas-based Virtual Venture Incubator.

What does VCubate do?

VCubate helps incubate technology startups by providing office space, servers, services and equity capital.

How does VCubate help incubate rather than fully incubate startups?

VCubate acts in capacity of a single entity that may partner with other entities to provide wider range of services and investments at different levels.
While many hi-tech incubators offer complete packages of investment, services, office space, and guidance; VCubate may provide any number of these offerings. For example VCubate may provide partial capital while partnering with other investors and advisors who may provide additional capital, services and guidance, each receiving different share of the equity available in a seed round.

So what does this all mean?

All this means that VCubate represents a single angel investor.
(this info may be removed in the future)

How many startups have you funded so far?

Currently we are in process of funding our first three startups, one Las Vegas based Rennder.com and couple in Europe.

Wow, so we don't need to be located in Las Vegas to work with you?

It can happen when we have relationship with an established services company that has sufficient experience to validate and execute on an idea for a product. Additionally, our current purpose in Las Vegas is to fulfill a temporary need until full-service incubators arrive here, thus in the future we may shift our focus from "Vegas" to "Virtual".

What is your typical investment?

$20,000 (which can be a part of a larger investment). However, currently we are investing $125,000 in local startup Rennder.com due to its strategic value to other companies we are involved with.

We are just looking for office space in a startup environment. Do you currently offer office space in Las Vegas?

Yes, currently we may be able to provide office space at no charge or nominal charge to selected startups, regardless whether we fund them or not.

Contact us for details.

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Please rate your own venture on a scale of 1 to 10 within the following areas
(1 = weakest, 10 = strongest/best):
          Market size:                                      
          Market reach:                                   
          Team/Management Experience:       
          Barriers to entry:                              
          Intellectual Property:                        

Market size and reach: What is the total market size and what percentage of the market can you realistically penetrate?

Team: What is your team size and what is its ownership structure?

Experience: Please enclose the bio of your most experienced team member.

Idea/Originality: Why no one else had came up with the same idea as of yet?

Stage: How old is your company or how many man-days of work did you put into your concept so far?

Product: Do you have a prototype or selling product?

Competition: What are the names of three of your largest competitors?
Barriers to entry: What are the names of known companies that could fairly easily implement similar product to yours, as a feature for their own products?

Intellectual Property: How many parts of your concept are patented or patentable?

Monetization: What is your revenue model?

Valuation: How much is your company currently worth, for example if you wanted to sell it today (and assume  continuing to work for the acquirer)? And why is it worth that much?